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Expenses In Bangalore, how much will a PG cost?

08 August , 2022


When it comes to finding PG  accommodation in Bangalore, one of India's bustling cities, the cost can vary significantly based on several factors. At PrimePGs, we understand that this can be a confusing process, so we've put together a comprehensive PG rental guide to help you navigate the options effectively.

Location Matters

The cost of PG accommodation in Bangalore can vary greatly depending on its location. Premium neighborhoods like Whitefield or Koramangala, known for their high land prices, usually come with a higher rent. On the other hand, areas like Jayanagar or Malleshwaram, where land costs are relatively lower, often offer more affordable PG options.

Amenities and Services

When you visit a PG, the amenities and services provided play a crucial role in determining the rent. PGs in Bangalore offer a wide range of amenities, including Wi-Fi, dining facilities, libraries, gyms, and more. Professionals and students often choose PGs based on their ability to access these amenities affordably. Generally, the more amenities a PG offers, the higher the rent. Step to Book Your PG Room Here...,

Essential PG Amenities

A top-notch PG should provide the following amenities:

  • Clean bathrooms with a reliable hot water supply and efficient drainage.
  • Well-maintained kitchens equipped with utensils, a refrigerator, and a microwave oven.
  • Enhanced security, such as 24/7 manned security, video monitoring, or a gated community.
  • Comfortable common areas for socializing and hosting guests.
  • Laundry facilities where you can drop off your clothes and pick them up the next day.

Individual or Shared Living

The choice between individual or shared (co-living) PG accommodations often depends on personal preferences. If you enjoy socializing and making new friends, a double-occupancy PG room might be ideal for you. On the other hand, if privacy is a priority, single occupancy is a suitable option. Shared PGs can be a cost-effective choice for those looking for budget-friendly solutions. Here More PGs...,

Living in Bangalore can be expensive, but with careful planning and cost-saving strategies, you can manage your monthly expenses efficiently. At PrimePGs, we offer accommodations in Whitefield and Kundalahalli that surpass standard PGs in terms of quality and comfort, making you feel at home. Choose PrimePGs for a superior PG experience in Bangalore.


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Frequently asked questions

1.What is Prime PG?
PrimePGs shows your perfect destination for your stay in PG, you can find the Luxury PGs with all facilities at an affordable price. Exclusively designed for students and working professionals, If you are new to the city worried about your Stay in PG how to choose we are here to help you with a solution, we can list you the best PGs in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad where you are looking to stay and you will provide with basic to top-class facilities PGs as per your budget-friendly.

2.How many meals will I get in a day at Prime PG?
This it depends on the property you are staying at. But you’ll have the option to choose your mealtime according to your preferences.

3.How can I book a PGs in Bangalore for myself?
Explore the PGs in Bangalore by PrimePGs. Providing you the top facilities like fully furnished rooms, hot water supply, healthy food, parking space, WIFI, washing machine and 24/7 security. you can book by Registering yourself.

4.What type of properties are there at Prime PG ?
Prime PG provides you with a wide range of PG listings with all types of sharing like single sharing, double sharing, triple sharing and multiple sharing.

5.Which cities does Prime PGs operate in?
Currently, Prime PGs operates only in Bangalore,Hyderabad, Chennai but we will soon open our comfort pods in multiple cities. Read More